make due

No trees uprooted whew!  Its sure pretty out there but im glad I dont have to go out for any thing.  Got my supplys friday before the snow fell.  Boy people are sure nice to you if you wear oxygen in public. Hu.  Need help out to yur car mam?  How are yu today?  Cn I help you find some thing?   No thank you I  tell them.   Heck before I would chase down a store employee for help.   People would never help open a door if I was in need of a hand.   Heck I just want to be treated like before.  No fake special treatment.     Gonna love my two bright young men    my two boys.  That is very real not fake at all.    Hope you all are great tod day.  Bjm

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  1. depressedgirl

    Hope you are having a great day.

    April 30, 2017