Ok I use to work with this girl. Rather young early 20s. Me im 54 this year. We got to be friends. She talkes about  her children. I talk about my young men. She would talk about her roommate. Friend with benefits.   He pays half rent and plays vdeo games.    She has 2 children under 6.  She buys all the food.    He eats the food she buys.   He makes more than her. She pays all the bills. He plays video games.    She didnt get a birthday card.      She tells me stuff.    Shes very manicdepresive.     She is good if she takes her meds every day.      They went on vacation few months back.  She thught he had a ring. Yes a wedding ring.       She was so exited.   He was looking at rings n internet.   She snooped onhis puter.      He did not ask her.   She was crushed.         Bjm

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  1. depressedgirl

    Aww, that’s awful. I feel so badly for her.

    April 30, 2017