clean break

Yes the ladys are having a luncheon today where I use to work  my old work family  they are going to get together to say good by to a few of us.   SHIRLY is moving out of state.  Another one  s going to rehab.   And then theres me no longer working there.    I love them all but  the tears and  good bys yuck. Dont want no part of it.       Im just barely coming to terms with all the changes  in my life it would be a set back for me to start crying and missing them all over again. It hadnt been two weeks yet  I feel im dealing with it pretty good   this lunch thing isnt for me at this time.    I explained this to my work friend and she sid she understood.       I will lunch with them when im ready.   Order a pizza for them at work then show up in the break room.  Ya that sounds cool!   Surprise the heck outa them ladys.   Bjm

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  1. depressedgirl

    Great idea. I am so depressed. Something bad happened today. I rather not say what, but I am really desperately upset. Life can be so hard. Just don’t know what to do sometimes. Why is life so hard?

    May 01, 2017