digg out

well time to get the momvan out of the driveway,it snowed and  its gonna take awhile to even find my momtaxi  i need to get out of this house for a while  get some happy tidings going,,i woke up pissed and i  dont want this feeling any more  i want to...


yep thats what im gonna get the old rockheart for Christmas,a case of the stuff he lives for,,maybe i will help him kill himself a little faster,and a carton of smokes the strong kind,,, and a bunch of liters,,,bjm


went out yesterday whew people going nuts  they all had that glazed looked in their eyes,,ok ladys time for battle at the store,,,my boys and i smiled couse i refuse to get caught up in all the crapp,,bjm


i wish you all a happy Christmas   bjm