Ill be back later thanks good people


Gonna grab me a fat stupid burger I m supposed to gain weight


Thans for the kindness you all have showed me!!!! Crapp my glasses are fogging up.  Hope your lives are happy


I need to save some money so I can get a little place for myself and my cat when my youngest moves to college  might take awhile. But I can do it.  Even a divorce is in the cards woohoo


He use to tell me. Its not about you.   Hu. This time of my life it has to be about me taking care of me


I was a stay at home mom  I raised my two boys.   Hadn't wirked outside the home in more than 20 years.     Well they dont need e to pour there cheeios for them any more.   Soooo. I went t there and found myslf a perfect job for me.   I was scared...


 Boy was he right.  the more you do things on yor own the stronger you become


I have been paying a debt for awhile. 11,000 bucks. Yep me all by myself.  Im done with it December 5 woohoo I feel like I can fly to the moon!  This was a debt my ball and chain racked up in my name. Yep he through me under the bus.   Thats ancient...


I have two outstanding boys.     My oldest moved out going to college living with his gal.   I have learned to breath again  I forgot they do leave the nest.     I have another son a junior in highschool.  Yes outstanding young man he is. Good choices...

C word

Yes he calls me THAT word  it doesn't slice my soul in half any more its so typical of him and I told him so    hes 60 and he acts like a stupid child  you know the saying stupid is is stupid does!!  No I'm not having a pitty party just thinking out...


Yep this vacation thing is great!!!!  My work family asked me where I was going,I told them no where gonna putter around my home stay in my night cloths all day if i want heehee      I miss my friends at work very much  and it will be nice to get hugs...