hello  i hope you all had a great Thanksgiving,,the boys and i had alot of fun eating and cooking that bird,wow leftovers hu turkey pie sounds good,,havnt been around for awhile,i have been up to my ears in stuff to do,,,,well time to clean my place ...


the school called and told me the bullying would stop this is the kids second warning,his parents have been made aware of the problem,i will have to duct tape myself to a chair or i will go see the kids mom  oh rite  bad idea,,,it will be ok,,bjm


well i think the bullying thing with my son is over,talked to the higherups at the school,they said it wouldnt be happening again  ok thats what you said last week,,heck i will go talk to the kids mom  ya face to face,,no not a good idea i would end...


ok i need to calm down,i just dont like anyone messing with family,i am like a wildcat on the prowl,,maybe i will take a drive up the canyon that always relaxes me,the creek with ice and frosty snow in its banks   the blinding glitter  but you have to...


its not working,this is a test trying to write a blog   it wasnt working,,,bjm


my boy is beeing bulyed at school,the boy has been talked to apparently it didnt sink in,,,called the school this morning,wish i could talk to this kid  ya i would end up in jail uuggggg,,,,hope you all are ok,,,bjm


hope you all are great today,,ok  there is this boy in my boys class  he is a buly  intimidating  or trying to get my boys fist a flying,he starts shit with my boy,ok already had a talk with the school about it,,well i guess i will have to have...