mom help

my mom is a blessing to me  yesterday she said i kinda looked like crapp  well thanks mom, just been sick a couple of days,get some rest she tells me,how do you rest when you are a mom? you cant sleep when they are up thats it, well she asked if the...

doing today?

ok what are you guys gonna do this fine day? peace xx

thoughts and friends

ya when i get on thoughts its like my community of thinkers, people with hearts and thoughts  and souls and familys  doggies and cats,and homesteads,not just blogs on blogs real feelings,real thoughts  how we deal with things   we come together help...

70 bucks!!

ya my clan gave my boy cash for his birthday gift, 70 dollars thats alot of money for an 11 year old  ya 11 already crapp 20 minutes ago he was in diapers  and chasing the vacume cleaner when i vacumed he used to chase is on his knees  crawling around...

fun party!

ya it was a blast seeing my clan yesterday, i noticed my brother walking slow and favoring one side,, i ask him if he was ok, my dad told he he was swiped by a car  he was on his bike, he was turning a corner and the car hit him off his bike, cut his...


well just needed to update and change my email someone has been messen with my acount well anyway it has been dealt with sorry if i was a pain in the butt yesterday,thought i was done with this person for good well they poped up on my thoughts!! crap ...

figured it out

all will be ok i sent a mail to someone that can help me with this problem i am haveing,see this person has my email adress  and we have the same exact mail well anyway thought staff mailed me to say i had a comment on my blog,well it went to this...


well ball and chain read my mails to my mom  how rude is that  he actualy read my freaken mail  he said why did you tell her im a drunk, i told him i didnt have to tell anyone they already knew, he said i was bashing him to my mom, crap she never...

email change?

hay how do i change my email,the one i put on here when i joined?thanks.

acounts in my name?

hmm i wonder who it is? and how they were able to do it? hmm thought this place was safe.crap

more acounts?

hu i only have one acount on this thoughts since february, oh well just did not want my friends to think somthing happened to me, im ok  and boy do i have alot to talk about and thanks for your kindness in this matter.barbara ya thats me bjm    peace

picture back

ok i put my picture back on ya cracker jack, its scarey realy  i wonder whos been fooling around on my place,the only place that is for me,well someone changed my picture my theme,oh well i will start over it dosnt matter my blogs are gone so what  but...

thoughts staff

ok all by blogs are gone and so are my friends list friends,you said you could find them please tell me, thanks,someone changed my crackerjack picture to this, peace its me bjm1  without the 1 i guess.


i cant find any of my blogs or friends, i am loged in as bjm   no 1 after it, seems like i am starting over  its me bjm1, wonder who changed it to bjm?

my stuff is gone!!

can you tell me why all my blogs and friends are gone !!!!! no blogs or anything!